Artist-run Exchange Program

ADDS DONNA’s Artist-run Exchange Program will facilitate the exchange of curated visual art exhibitions between artist-run spaces around the country. It’s purpose is to promote and extend the audience of emerging artists without gallery representation and to establish a network of artist-run spaces that encourages collaboration and risk-taking.

Over  the course of the next two years, ADDS DONNA will conduct four exchanges with other artist-run spaces around the country. We will host four traveling group exhibitions in our space, and send four of our own group exhibitions to those same cities.

If you would like to be considered for a studio visit, please submit 10-15 images, a bio, and a short statement about yourself and your work to

Files: jpegs no larger than 72 dpi, please zip together in one folder titled with your first and last name.

Bios and Statement: PDF, no longer than one page. Don’t forget to include your contact information.

Deadline: Feb. 10,2017