Study Groups at ADDS DONNA are open to anyone and always free. The groups are organized by individuals with enthusiasm—not necessarily expertise— for the subject matter presented. Part book-club, part art school nerdery, the discussions are non-didactic and friendly in nature with the intention of exploring a range of topics and building relationships with like-minded laypersons.

For further information on readings, scheduling, or how to propose a study group please email

 study group

Discomfort – Ariel March Williams, 2020

Philosophy of Technology – Daniel G. Baird, 2017

Invisible Geographies   – Ariel March Williams, 2014

Documentary Film – Diego Leclery  2012

Science Fiction – Laura Mackin  2011-2012

Poetry  – Sayward Schoonmaker & Adam Farcus  2011-2012

Greek Literature – Michael Milano  2010-2011