As Close As Near Is Far
Daniel Baird, Edmund Chia, Laura Hart Newlon
October 27 - December 15, 2013

Thanks again for agreeing to be included in the show! We are excited about it, and hope the show will potentially build an interesting context for your individual pieces.

We have invited each of you to participate in this show because we trust your overall practices, and not based merely on the individual pieces that we have selected in conversation with you; (conversations and studio visits that we thoroughly enjoyed, which is evidenced by how long they were). We  think the show we are proposing gathers three artist that have a deep commitment to material and materiality, but who also produce works with various modes of intimacy or distance to that materiality; meaning, some of the works are immediate and present, and others employ translations to provide different degrees of distance. And we think that between you three artists, together we can explore a number of different proximities to materiality, that might be symptomatic of our current cultural moment. From the intimacy of the hand, to the hand once removed, to the hand nearly absent, to images of material, to virtual materials; as well as including a lot of the materials that are part of our common experience of contemporary life: such as cloth, concrete, images, screens, mass produced objects, etcetera.

While a certain thread of contemporary art attempts to close or reduce the gap between art and the everyday, or produces work that is interactive, we believe that the work that you all are producing reminds us of the benefits and varieties of space or distance available to us. We believe that the production of this distance (of whatever degree) allows space for the audience, ensuring we retain our autonomy. Its refreshing to us, as well as complex and challenging; so thank you for that.

Anyway, below is the data for the show.

Can’t wait to see you all on Sunday! (really wish you were here Ed)

With love and respect,

~the Donnas