crystal lattice, living stone
SAIC Advanced Fiber Studio
May 11 - May 12, 2018

A lattice is a structure characterized by its strength and security. Multiple adjacent units bind together through energetic ties to form a foundation. It can manifest as a diamond, table salt, a garden trellis, or the advanced fiber studio space; wherein seemingly disparate narratives are brought together to spark new inquiry into what it means to be a fiber artist today. We invite you to parse out these ties and explore what we have made this semester.

Opening reception: Friday, May 11 from 6-9 pm.

Open hours: Saturday, May 12 from 12-5 pm


Teresita Carson Valdez, Eseosa Ekiawowo Edebiri, Eliza Fields, JB Fry, Bill Harvey, Elaine Hsu, Genie Hong, Cynthia Lerch, Paloma Mercier, Maddy Olson, Katia PĂ©rez Fuentes, Karmel Sabri, Brianna Van Schoyck, Jeremy Sublewski