Anthony Sims
September 7 - October 20, 2020

Adds Donna is pleased to present our first Fall 2020 resident, Anthony Sims, as he develops and performs a new six part performance, Revenant, to be presented via twitch every Saturday evening beginning September 12th through October 17th.

Follow this link for the live performance.

Revenant is a six-week interdisciplinary performance by Anthony Sims in which the artist documents the process of reclaiming one’s own body from a world that tries to own it. Based on Harvey Young’s book, Embodying Black Experiences, Sims considers “The Black Body.” This “Body” does not refer to the physical body of an Afro American, but a dangerous societal construct, an imagined, projected, shadow body forced to absorb hate and ignorance. Revenant explores this idea over time as it holds up a mirror to its oppressor, revealing the physical manifestation of the shadow and finally shedding the shadow’s layers. This is an interdisciplinary work that seeks to create new forms of visibility and body power complexities through the application of movement, collage, music, and historical, ancestral knowledge. The piece will unfold in six parts, premiering each Saturday from 7:00 – 9:00pm CT, and will be streamed live.


Anthony Sims is a Chicago interdisciplinary time-based performance artist/ Theatre Maker whose mission is to embody black and queer experiences through performance. Being a queer man of color coming from the south, he looks for ways of pushing against existing norms of art to convey honesty through incongruity. He currently holds a BFA in Musical Theatre and recently attended The Theatre School at DePaul University in the MFA in Acting program. Realizing his passion for Contemporary Performance Practices, he then transferred to the School of the Art Institute for his MFA in Performance. His work has been seen at Links Hall, No Nation Art Lab, Dfbrl8r Performance Art Gallery, The Peace Studio, and several other locations. He was also invited to participate in the Afro Hemispheric Residency that fosters Afrofuturism in Performance.