Take Care
SAIC 2018 Advanced Fiber Exhibition
December 7, 2018 (One night only!)

An affirmation…

Take care of yourself through the ups and downs for your body is the only one you have.  

Take time to care, for nothing happens overnight and must be tended to.

Take time, in general, to pursue each thought to its extremities.

Take careful stock of this moment in time, because details matter.

Take carefully, for not everything in this world is distributed equally.

Take, but also remember to give because you have valuable things to offer.

See you soon, see you ‘round, see you later.

Be well and keep in touch so we can, someday start back up where we left off.

EV Booth
Syd Layne Davis
Micah Lane Elliot Dillman
Sophia Karina English
Katherine Grace Eremia
JB Fry
Sol Pablo Lopez
Mikhaila Siobhan Dodel-Kishinev
Anastasia O’Connor
Aliya Parashar
Mia Russell
Leah Silver
Michaela Vaughan
Grace Ann Wells